Claire Cunningham | Jess Curtis (Glasgow | San Francisco)


09.11. 6.30 pm - 8.10 pm

10.11. 6.30 pm - 8.10 pm

Schwere Reiter


Entrance € 14,00 | Reduced € 7,00


Artist talk after the performance on Nov 10, moderated by Lucy Wilke (blind&lame | Fucking Disabled) | On Nov 9 Shuttle Service from Schwere Reiter to HochX and Shuttle Service to Muffatwerk and Gasteig | On Nov 10 Shuttle Service from Schwere Reiter to Muffatwerk and Festivalzentrum.



Please note: Change of time"the performance on Nov 10 also starts at 6.30 pm

English audio descriptions available | The performance as well as the subsequent talk with the artists will be translated into German sign language

Self-identifying disabled artist Claire Cunningham in her choreography and discursive works, has developed her own language of movement from the use of her crutches. This path, which consciously denies dance traditions, started twelve years ago through working with the choreographer Jess Curtis. Now these two artists – a man and a woman of different ages, with different types of bodies and different social backgrounds – encounter one another in a performance that feeds off of the perspective one has of the other person. As they dance, sing, and relate they question the processes of perception. How do we look at each other? How do we want and how do we permit ourselves to be seen? To what extent do our bodies determine the way we perceive our environment? Can we influence this? THE WAY YOU LOOK (AT ME) TONIGHT is a sensory but also a social journey, an intimate evening that invites the audience to reflect on »looking at one another« as a cultural technique, as well as a foundation for a relationship.


Developed and Performed by Claire Cunningham and Jess Curtis Philosophical Consultant Dr. Alva Noë Dramaturgy Luke Pell Composition Matthias Herrmann Video Yoann Trellu Stage and Costume Design Michiel Keuper Assistant Stage Design Saskia Schoenmaker Light Design Chris Copland Commercial Photography Sven Hagolani


Claire Cunningham develops and performs multidisciplinary works between dance, discussion and theater. The starting point of her works is frequently the repertoire of movement that the artist develops from the use of her crutches. Claire Cunningham rejects dance traditions and body norms, and develops her own aesthetic vocabulary that is built solely on her own body‘s possibilities. Her works encompass a broad spectrum, from large ensemble pieces (among others, with Candoco Dance Company) to intimate solos. Claire Cunningham has uses the label »disabled artist« as a means of self-empowerment. She lives and works in in Glasgow.  
  Jess Curtis is a choreographer and performance artist; he has a master‘s degree in choreography and a PhD in performance studies, and he is a guest professor at the Berlin University of the Arts and the University of California. His works feed from experiment, innovation, critical discussion, and social issues at the interface between art and pop culture. He is a co-founder of the intercontinental performance company Gravity, which is located in Berlin and San Francisco, and which received the Alpert Award in the Arts for choreography in 2011, and the Homer Avila Award for innovation in physically inclusive dance. Curtis is active in Europe and the U.S. as an author, initiator of not-for-profit projects, and teacher of inclusive dance.


Production and realization
Production Nadja Dias Co-Production Julia Danila, Alec White Produced by Jess Curtis/Gravity, Claire Cunningham and Tramway Glasgow Funded by Unlimited with support from Creative Scotland and Spirit of 2012, Tramway Glasgow, New England Foundation for the Arts With the help of the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation and The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, San Francisco Arts Commission, The Kenneth Rainin Foundation, The California Arts Council, Fonds Darstellende Künste e.V., co-financing fund of the Senate Office for Cultural Affairs, the Zellerbach Family Foundation, San Francisco Grants for the Arts Supported by The Place London, Norfolk and Norwich Festival and the British Council. Execution guest performance funded by NATIONALES PERFORMANCE NETZ (NPN) guest performance funding Tanz via means of the representatives of the Federal Government for Culture and Media on the basis of a resolution passed by the Deutscher Bundestag.