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For all questions regarding accessibilty, please contact Maria Mosca, barrierefrei@spielmotor.de / Tel.: 089 / 2805607

Early Boarding
For everyone with sensory sensitivities, visible and invisible disabilities, we offer an early entrance to all our shows. The Early Boarding starts 10 minutes before the regular inlet. You can sign up via barriefrei@spielmotor.de or attend spontaneously by showing up at the marked meeting point.

Icons with information regarding the following matters can soon be found on our website:


Wheelchair accessibilty with wheelchair-accessible restrooms. For detailed information regarding the restrooms, please contact us.



Usage of the elevator only with prior notice. Please contact us the day before.

Limited accessibility. Help might be needed, f.e. for opening doors.



At several of our performance venues there will be induction loops for the hard of hearing available.


Translations to German sign language.

Alternative Seating
At some venues we offer bean bags and matresses as alternative seating options for everyone who has trouble sitting on a chair for an extended period of time. As these alternative seats are limited, we advise you to either contact us in advance or take part in the Early Boarding.

Relaxed Performance
For anyone who would benefit from a more relaxed performance environment. The lights in the audience will be up so that it's not too dark. You can make noise during the showand you can come and go if you need to take a break. There will be no extreme changes of light. All Relaxed Performance have alternative seating and an Early Boarding.


Additional Venue Information:

AKADEMIESTUDIO: Entrance via Zumpestraße, heavy door, threshold 4 cm. Lift (only with staff).

MÜNCHNER KAMMERSPIELE: As there are limited spots, please contact the Kammerspiele box office two days before the show 089 / 233 966 00.

MUSEUM FÜNF KONTINENTE: Wheelchair access via Knöbelstraße, please ring the bell.