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Frankie | CAMPO (Ghent)

09.11. 21:00 – 21:50


entrance € 7,00 | reduced € 5,00

No language skills required

  • Alternative Sitz- und Liegemöglichkeiten
  • Rollstuhlgerecht
  • Induktive Höranlage

Five lads start a rock band but are too shy to appear on stage – this pretty much sums up the founding myth of Frankie. Because the band members come from a professional background in film animation, graphic design and photography, they quickly come up with a solution: they decide to construct a world of puppets that can substitute for them on stage. Frankie’s first programme, LAGUNA BEACH, is a mechanically operated live installation to piercing guitar music. The Laguna beach is constructed as a morbidly humorous, fake tropical idyll populated by voyeurs and all kinds of people who like to cause public nuisances. Frankie’s universe is fragmentary, untidy and imperfect, celebrates the pleasure of failure, and is therefore disarmingly naive.



#Performance  #Puppets and Animation  #Music 

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By and with Simon Lynen (vocals, trumpet and control room 2) | Vincent Lynen (guitar, control room 1) | Jef Staut (bass), Brecht Hayen (guitar, keyborad, samples) | Timo Fannoy (drums) Set design | animation movie | music Frankie Puppets created by Simon Lynen Light Vincent Lynen Technical Bram Boelen | Bart Huybrechts Production CAMPO arts centre With the support of De Brakke Grond & deBuren Thanks to Gouvernement


Frankie is Simon Lynen, Vincent Lynen, Brecht Hayen, Jef Staut and Timo Fannoy. The group combines sound and image in several installations midway between performance and concert. Gradually, they create situations that do not necessarily have to be narrative in nature. Whichever medium they use – video, TV, live music or animation – the nonchalance and atmosphere of their workshop deliberately find their way onto the stage. Frankie is backed up in a long-term cooperative venture by the Ghent arts centre CAMPO.