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Sofia Dinger (Lisbon)

03.11. 15:00 – 16:00

Einstein Kultur

entrance € 14,00 | reduced € 7,00

Artist talk after the performance

In English

This song is about
I miss you, but sometimes I don't , because I almost forget (you).
I never thought that to mourn would be like this.
It's about the last time we laughed together
that last last time we laughed together
that perfect last time
It's about laughing one last time together, again and again.
This song is about
all those ghosts : I want to talk to them. We can still play birds.


A SONG TO HEAR YOU ARRIVING is an individual requiem, an extremely personal ritual of grief. The solo performance searches for words to address to a deceased person. What is ultimately created is a tapestry of sound made up of fragments of text, birdcalls, drumbeats, laughter, tears and an epilogue.

#Performance / Ritual  #Generations in Exchange 

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By and with Sofia Dinger


Sofia Dinger is a theatre maker who is writing her own works. Important stations of her career so far are the :1Space Project which took her to Palestine, the Democratic Republic of Congo and South Africa;  the Under Construction Festival, the research platform Try Angle and the IGS - Institute of Global Solitude in Lisbon. She studied at DAS Theatre in Amsterdam, where her work A SONG TO HERE YOU ARRIVING was created.