Gabrielle Goliath (Johannesburg)


04.11. 7.00 pm - 8.00 pm

05.11. 7.00 pm - 8.00 pm

St. Johannes Kirche


free Entrance


European premiere


No foreign language skills required


ELEGY is a lament, a dirge, a ritual of collective memory. A group of singers come together to commemorate a woman who has died. Every performance is devoted to the memory of another woman; what these women have in common is that they all died as victims of a violent crime. Within a radically reduced arrangement this concept work is carried by the vocals and allows space for everything that is unnamable, for the empty spot, the absence of the departed one. ELEGY sees itself as the attempt to provide an answer to the extreme violence women in South Africa are confronted with day in, day out. By having the identity and history of a person whose body and rights were violated in a very extreme way contained in this space, ELEGY contributes to preserving their individuality and fighting against the obscurity caused by the anonymity behind the simple number of victims.


By Gabrielle Goliath With Solomía Antonyak, Natalya Boeva, Mirranda Khayakazi Madlala, Vero Miller, S'Bongile Mntambo, Sibongile Mthiyane, Lithography Nqai,


Gabrielle Goliath (b. 1983 in Kimberley) studied visual art at the University of the Witwatersrand, and she lives and works as a performance and multimedia artist in Cape Town. In her works she examines sociopolitical issues that not only is visually demanding of the audience but also frequently physically. Her current projects deal with trauma and violent experiences, and are seen as being an answer to the precarious situation of numerous women in South Africa.


Production and realization
Funded by the Fonds TURN of the German Federal Cultural Foundation and by Goethe-Institut.